The Global Action Team (GAT) Challenge

The GAT is a powerful bridge between Lions and the international association. It’s a field team specifically designed to connect clubs, districts, leaders and beyond to tools and resources developed to improve their service impact. Thus, GAT is also continuous loop of resources and feedback. From an initiative’s beginning to the time it reaches clubs, the team is set up to be agile and flexible, allowing the association to provide expertise while incorporating necessary changes as instructed by Lions. This is how we can, together, ensure everything delivered is at its best.

BRONZE Level Achievement Record

SILVER Level Achievement Record

GOLD Level Achievement Record

DIAMOND Level Achievement Record

GAT Challenge Brouchure
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  1. What is the #GATChallenge?
#GATChallenge is a special initiative in MD 308 to engage all Lions and Leos member to take action in term of service, membership and leadership (learning) and create positive impact together in the end of the year.
  1. How and when can we report our achievement?

There is TWO ways to record your achievement. One is by digital platform google form, another one is passbook. All the action taken from 1st July 2020 onwards can be included in your achievement record and you may record your achievement once you complete all tasks in that level which you had choose to participate.  

  1. Why is it important to record our achievement #GATChallenge? What does MD 308 GAT do with this info?

As members of the world’s largest service club organization, Lions and Leos are in a unique position to improve their local communities while simultaneously contributing towards global causes. Our MD308 will use the data Lions and Leos provide to track progress made towards the #GATChallenge and to recognize Lions and Leos who participate. The data will also be used to demonstrate Lions and Leos’ commitment and contribution to the global sustainable development agenda to partner organizations, such as the United Nations, World Health Organization and some local authorities. 

  1. How do Leos and Lions qualify for #GATChallenge?

Once they completed the task listed in each level which they participated in. Lions and Leos must record their achievement in google form or passbook in order for our working team to verify and listed their name in the achiever list.

  1. How many #GATChallenge can an individual participate? 

An individual can participate in one level at one time, complete each level of #GATChallenge for a total of 4 recognition. The #GATChallenge is ongoing in this fiscal year, so if an individual did not complete any level at first quarter, he can still participate and continue to complete the task to earn that recognition in the subsequent quarter. 

  1. How will the #GATChallenge awards be announced? 

#GATChallenge recognition will be announced in MD 308 GAT Telegram Channel and FB page of GAT Area Leader Leo-Lion Potter according to the schedule listed below. Then, the working committee will post the recognition to presenter and they are encouraged to distribute the awards to the Lions and Leos during club/ district visits, or at prestigious district/ multiple district events. 

Completion Period

Announcement Date

July to September 2020

By 31 October 2020

October to December 2020 

By 31 January 2021

January to March 2020 

By 30 April 2021

April to June 2020 

By 31 July 2021

7. I don’t have enough time to organize service projects… 

Ans: for bronze submission, you don’t have to organize projects, just attend 6 service projects & post those 6 service projects inside your social media. You may join other clubs’ service projects, but make sure your advisors are aware. Service Projects attended just have to be from July 2020 onwards.


8. Is IG Story considered social media? 

Ans: Yes, but preferably on FB Post.


9. For the requirement of Attend In-Person or Online Learning Session, is the BOD training for President and training for Secretary counted as attending 2 of Attend In-Person or Online Learning Session? 

Ans: Yes.


10. For the criteria “Recruit or mentor new members”, can we mentor new Leo from another club? 

Ans: Yes. 


11. Does it count if two Leos mentor the same person? 

Ans: Yes, because the purpose is to encourage everyone to offer the mentorship to those in need.


12. Is attending awareness projects such as posting on social media of saying no to sugar, can be counted as attending service project too? 

Ans: Attending this kind of online event is considered.


13. Also, if attending the same projects but done like in August and September, is it counted as attending 2 projects?

 Ans: Can consider as 2 projects, but if you can have two different style events will be better and more attractive 


14. Is attending projects like awareness talk and Korean language organized by our Leos counted as attending an online learning session?

Ans: Yes, online learning not restricted to any type of learning or not limited to learning related to Leo and Lions stuff