The CONTINUOUS LEO DEVELOPMENT (CLD) was adopted by a Resolution passed at the 2nd District 308 B2 Lions Convention in Kota Kinabalu on 29th April 2000.

It provides comprehensive training facilities to improve the Leo education and knowledge and thus, be a highly disciplined, well organized and effective body in their activities with a deep sense of commitments towards our Leo Program.

The BLOG (http://cld308b2.blogspot.com) is a store house for CLD education materials. It is also a Registration Centre that keeps Records of Leo participants; has general information on CLD activities, procedures, CLD Achieves and Administration.


Part 1: Leo Orientation Workshop

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD:  Part 1 Leo Orientation Registration Form

Part 2: L.E.O Workshop

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Part 2 L.E.O. Registration Form

Part 3: Proficiency Interview 

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: CLD Proficiency Application Form 

Part 3: Service Proficiency Assignment 

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Part 3 Service Proficiency Assignment Form