Leo Cabinet

History of the Leo District Cabinet

The Leo District 308 B2 Cabinet was formed after it was endorsed by Lions Cabinet District 308 B2 and supported by 6 Leo Clubs and Lions Club. The 1st Installation was held on 19th December 2009 at Heritage Hotel, Ipoh, Perak under the Governorship of the late Past District Governor Chong Kwei Loi. 

The 1st Leo Cabinet Officers were installed by the former District Chairperson for Leo Clubs Lion Alan Thoo with the witness of former Lions Cabinet Secretary Lion Chua Chen Tong. Leo Multiple District 301 (Philippines) President Leo Daryl Patrick Ruiz was also present as guest. 

The founders of the Leo Cabinet were Leo Eliza Chia, Leo Ch’ng Kok Sheng, Leo Cheng Weng Siong, Leo Foong Chee Keat, Leo Anna Chan, Leo Fiona Lee, Leo Teoh Boon Teong, Leo Wong Wei Jheng and Leo Raymond Teoh. The 1st Leo District President was Leo Eliza Chia from Leo Club of Ipoh Unity.

The formation was also endorsed by Leo Club of Ipoh Unity, Leo Club of Penang (City), Leo Club of Petaling Jaya Integrity, Leo Club of Alor Setar Central, Leo Club of Tanjung, Penang and Leo Club of Ipoh Metro Omega and their respective sponsoring Lions Club.

Purpose of Leo District Cabinet

– An administrative structure with which to advance the purpose and objectives of the Leo Club in District 308 B2, Malaysia.

– Aimed at providing assistance to the District Chairperson and Regional Committee Chairperson for Leo Clubs and shall not interfere with internal affairs of individual clubs. 

Role of Leo District Cabinet

– Sources of communication / assistance between the Lions Club and Leo Club.

– Representative of the Omega and Alpha Leo Clubs in the District.

– Helps strengthen communication and relationships as well as closes the gap between the Lions and Leo members

Leo Cabinet Logo Description

Leo Logo – the Cabinet is led and maintained by skillful yet outstanding Leos around the District 308 B2, Malaysia.

The red and yellow ring around the Leo Logo represents a strong friendship bond between the Lions and Leos around the District in supporting the District Leo Cabinet members.

Dark yellow represents support and contribution among each other in the Leo Cabinet towards achieving a common goal. Yellow represents communication and assistance between Lions and Leos. Red represents the compassion towards the community and country. White outline outside wrapping the Leo Cabinet words represents the District Governor, District Chairperson for Leo Clubs supporting the Leo Cabinet.

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