Protocol for Leos in any Lions or Leo function, the correct protocol MUST be observed. The protocol is found in correspondences, invitation programs, meeting agenda, roll calls / introductions, recognition of officials and dignitaries, VIP arrival / departure seating arrangement in meetings and functions, dress codes, display of national flags, national anthem and speeches.


Lions / Leos Officials and Dignitaries Protocol

1. Presiding Officer
2. Guest of Honor (if, District Governor)
3. Special Guest(s)
4. Other dignitaries

Note: Please address / introduce Lions Dignitaries with their full names and their respective full portfolio. Examples are shown below:

Address Wrongly: DG, DC for Leo Clubs, RCC, Leo DP, OC
Address Correctly: District Governor, District Chairperson for Leo Clubs, Regional Committee Chairperson, Leo District President, Organizing Chairperson

Address Wrongly Address Correctly
DG District Governor
DC for Leo Clubs District Chairperson for Leo Clubs
RCC Regional Committee Chairperson
Leo DP Leo District President
OC Organizing Chairperson

Order of Precedence

1. Presiding Officer
2. Guest of Honour
3. Past International Director
4. District Governor
5. Past Council Chairperson **
6. 1st Vice District Governor
7. 2nd Vice District Governor
8. Past District Governors **
9. Cabinet Secretary & Cabinet Treasurer
10. Region Chairpersons **
11. Zone Chairpersons **

12. District Chairpersons **
13. Regional Committee Chairpersons **
14. Lions Clubs Presidents **
15. Lion-Leo Advisors **
16. Faculty Advisors **
17. Leo District President
18. Past Leo District Presidents **
(provided the past Leo District President is still a Leo member)
19. Leo District Secretary & Leo District Treasurer
20. Leo Cabinet Officers
21. Organizing Chairperson

Note: ** means if more than 1 present, recognize them  in alphabetical order of their first names.

Seating Arrangement

7 5 3 1 2 4 6
Presiding Officer Principal Speaker

Note: The principal speaker would occupy seat number two while other Lions Dignitaries should follow the general order of precedence.

Presiding Officer-When (Meeting / Function / Event) and Who (Chairperson)
1) Council Meeting - Council Chairperson
2) District Events/Functions - District Governor
3) Region Meeting - Region Chairperson
4) Zone Meeting - Zone Chairperson
5) Club Meeting / Functions - Club President
6) Project Meeting - Organizing Chairperson 

Roll Call of Clubs

1) It is a must to recognize the Lions and Leo Clubs which have attended event.
2) Protocol committee is required to call up the club names, right after the recognition of Dignitaries.
3) Lions Club as priority, then followed by Leo Clubs ended by Host/ Organizing Club.
4) If there is more than one club to be recognized, the club can either be arranged according to Region and Zone or can also be arranged according the alphabetical order.
5) For Leo Clubs, It is preferred that Omega Leo Clubs and Alpha Leo Clubs recognized separately.
6) The organizing/ Hosting Lions/ Leo Clubs should be recognized the last.
7) In case there is a Lions Club/ Leo Clubs which is not in District 308 B2, it should be recognized before the clubs in District 308 B2.

Lions and Leo Clubs shall be recognized in the following manner:
1) Lions Club of Alor Setar (Host)
2) Lions Club of Kangar
3) Lions Club of Penang Metropolitan

Now for Leo Clubs
1) Leo Club of IPG Kampus Perlis
2) Leo Club of SMK Darulaman
3) Leo Club of SMJK Keat Hwa
And the last but not least, the organizing club, Leo Club of Alor Setar