January – March District Events


Hunger Awareness

An initiative by Leo Cabinet to bring Leos from the whole district to come together and to draw attention to the problems of hunger and homelessness. Projects could be educational, service or even fundraising.

Collaboration with other NGOs help us to understand how we can combine our efforts or leverage to form a greater synergy in service.

Chinese New Year Awareness Video Competition

A theme will be given and Leo members should creatively portrait the theme in a short video to win prize.


Regional Leolympics & Leo Quiz

Leolympics is a series of sport competitions among the Leos. Regional winners will proceed to finals in District Leolympics.
Leo Quiz will be carried out in conjunction with Leolympics. It is usually conducted by Leo Cabinet.


District Leolympics & Leo Quiz

District Leolympics and Leo Quiz is an annual events where every finalist from the regional Leolympics come together for a healthy competition and fellowship with each other.

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