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District 308 B2 Leo Cabinet Election Special Page

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About Leo Club

The Leo Club Program gives young people the opportunity to serve their communities and make a positive impact. They offer a great way to have fun, make new friends and develop valuable leadership skills.


Leo Cabinet Officers

Leo District Cabinet is an administrative structure with which to advance the purpose and objectives of the Leo Club in District 308 B2, Malaysia. The District President and officers provide assistance to the District Chairperson or Regional Committee Chairperson for Leo Clubs and shall not interfere with internal affairs of individual clubs.

Resource Centre

Various application forms, report formats, templates, logos, and more, are available for download. Any official format or document update request can be made by dropping us an email: mail@leo308b2.org.my , we will get back to you very soon! 



Planning to invite other Leo Clubs' members to join your project? We have compiled a comprehensive directory of District 308 B2 Leo Clubs allowing your organising committee to send out the invitations and updates.

Everyday Give Green A Chance


Please download this presentation slides to read more information about the initiative. 



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Leo District Cabinet

Reports & Meeting Minutes

Prepared and compiled by Leo District Secretariat

Constitutions & By-Laws

Continuous Leo Development

The Continuous LEO Development Programme

was established at the 2nd District B2 Lions Convention on 29/4/2000. It provides comprehensive training facilities to improve the Leo education and knowledge and thus, be a highly disciplined, well organized and effective body in their activities with a deep sense of commitments towards our Leo Programme.

Youth Exchange

Life Lessons Across Cultures and Around the World

Each year, the Lions International Youth Camp and Exchange Program introduces young people to life in other cultures by helping them travel abroad. Each Youth Camp and Exchange includes an extended stay hosted by one of our many international clubs.